Love Story - Unnamed
The story of two nerds who fall deeply in love in spite of their social anxiety.

one notable day in october


my son and his close friend returned from hiking the entire Appalachian Trail in one epic journey. After he rested and ate everything in sight, he told tales of his six-month adventure. I wanted to preserve these stories so I jotted them down in an old notebook. As the list grew, I realized they deserved to be committed to a more lasting format and started typing them. I had no intention of creating a book from them, but a year and a half later that's what they had become. Those early actions made in the fall of 2015 were the genesis of my interest in writing. I currently have two irons in the fire but hope to have them both published by 2022.

If you already purchased a copy of my son's story, I hope you enjoyed the guys' adventure, and thank you for your purchase. My hope is that this story will help answer the question of who thru-hikers are and some of what they experience. The story was a collaboration between my son and me. He had the final say on which stories and details were included. Factual information, descriptions, and prose were my contributions.



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Memoir - Unnamed
Bob's struggles to adapt to life in the Carolinas after growing up as a Californian.

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Bob Fox - Author